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Thank you for visiting my website.  As a Master Numerologist my mission is to advise people in a holistic way that integrates who they are with what they came here to do and numerology has served me to fulfill that purpose. 


Numerology is an ancient mathematical method based on the laws of quantum physics that provides clear and accurate information about who you are and helps you understand your life experiences. It is a proven, scientifically-tested system and a very powerful tool that signals and guides you through life just like a map.

 In my private practice, I use numerology to advise my clients on how to align their lives with their true passions and move forward in life, relationships, career and business. I help them find balance between their personal, professional and spiritual roles in life. 

I advise individuals, couples, parents & their children/teens. I also offer holistic business consulting to entrepreneurs and facilitate ZenDance wellness workshops and retreats. 

I invite you to learn more about my services and how I can support you. If what I do resonates within you,  please fill the contact form and let's get in touch soon!


my advisory services will help you achieve the following:


- Align you with your purpose in life, and the best direction to fulfill your life mission.

- Understand & improve your relationships to get along better with your loved ones, colleagues, etc.

- Deal with a life-altering crisis (job loss, career change, relocation, divorce, etc.), and the transition process that goes with it, by providing thorough understanding of the situation and devise a plan to navigate through it.

- Organize & restructure your life in a systemized way that allows you more time to enjoy life.

- Identify your talents and strengths to develop your business or redesign your career path.

- Corporate & business staffing assessments for hiring and team building strategies.

- Improve your parenting skills to raise your children based on their numerology life map.

- Decide on a baby's name or a personal name change, business name, etc.



​​Services are provided via zoom and all sessions are recorded for future reference. 

 Hablo español. Phone: 727-365-3161

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