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About Lillie

Master Numerologist

Holistic Advisor, Zen Business Trainer

30+ Years Experience

MS Numerology, BBA Accounting, MBA Marketing

For over 30 years, I've specialized in business & life reengineering, structuring and organizing.  Back then, I discovered numerology while looking for answers about my own life. My spiritual journey took me through a soul-searching path of questioning my belief system, behaviors, and my own existence, as well. On that path, I studied metaphysics, and all things spiritual, yet it was numerology that spoke to my heart and helped me rebuild my life. The unfailing clarity and accuracy of the numbers kept me studying and yearning to learn more about it for myself and to help others. 

I’ve been a Master Numerologist for over 22 years and influenced by my teachers and predecessors, I advise my clients on how to align their lives with their true passions based on their unique numerology. Using this proven scientific method, I provide you the clarity and understanding you need to know yourself and move forward in life, relationships, career and business. 

I deliver insights about your circumstances together with the best action plan to shift your situation and make things happen. My method is strategic, accurate and reliable, helping you understand the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional processes that form your life experience so you can get your ducks in a row and achieve your dreams with fewer delays and less effort. 

I will guide you through the necessary changes with a winning formula that will lead your life towards balance, order and prosperity. From the first meeting, you will feel inspired and confident with a clear sense of what to do next. 

My mission is to advise people in a holistic way that integrates who they are with what they came here to do. I help my clients find balance between their personal, professional and spiritual roles in life and I look forward to helping you, too.


​​Services are provided online or in person and all sessions are recorded.  

Phone: 727-365-3161  

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