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Description of Services

The focus of my private sessions is to provide the ideas, solutions, strategies and action plan to implement desired changes, navigate through transitions and achieve your goals.


Each person is unique and requires a custom-made service, so below is a general introduction to give you an idea of how I can support you. Please take a look and then fill out the contact form


If you're not sure which service(s) to select, don't worry. On our first meeting we will discuss and agree on the best plan to work with. The hours and topics of each session are agreed-upon and customized depending on your specific needs and circumstances. I also provide packages to work with your budget.  


All sessions are recorded for future reference and follow-up


Personal Numerology

An in-depth reading that covers everything you could possibly want to know about your personal Numerology Chart & areas of your life. It validates who you are as a person by explaining your talents and abilities as well as helps you to understand and overcome any potential challenges. It reveals your life purpose and what you are destined to do in this lifetime and clearly explains the way to achieve it. Also, this reading explains your soul lessons and life cycles.


The full numerology reading helps explain your life’s experiences and prepares you to make the best possible use of the future. It looks back at your past and helps validate your experiences and explains the potential of your future and what you can expect in the upcoming years. The session also includes time to ask specific questions and address any specific problem or situation you are having in your life in general or discuss your possibilities on specific areas of your life: relationships, job, money, career, health and wellness. 

Couple's Numerology

This reading explores the dynamics of your relationship by examining the numerology of each partner's charts and the co-relation between both. A compatibility assessment is not about whether the couple should be together or not, rather it is an insightful analysis of the areas where they're both stronger together and naturally compatible and which areas represent challenges and opportunities for growth as individuals and as a couple.

By looking at the numbers and examining each other's strengths and weaknesses side-by-side, I provide strategies for better understanding, healing and spiritual growth. This is also a good way to address issues or questions in an existing relationship and gain new understanding of the nature of your partnership, as well as help resolve issues or problems that you may be facing.

This reading is also helpful for all types of one on one relationships, whether romantic or not (i.e. parent/adult child, co-workers, business partners, etc.)

Newborn & Children Numerology

Unlock your child's life numerology early on so you can raise them based on their soul's life path. Every soul is born with a mission and purpose. By learning your child's numerology chart you'll be aware of what to observe, develop, guide them, and support them with. You will be able to provide them with the tools and resources they'll need to face life. This reading is for their whole lifetime and will provide priceless parenting guidance. 

Pre-teen & Teenager Numerology

This numerology chart reading is focused on helping the parents understand their young as they begin to express their own personality and issues. Most youngsters are influenced by their peers, media, and society in general and at this age it is crucial to know what's the leading force from within that can lead them to their soul's path. Very revealing and valuable information that will be helpful in avoiding major crises in their adult life and will set the structure for a healthy parent/adult child relationship.

Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

Revelations, confirmations and truths about yourself and your life path. Q&A with action plan per life area & strategies. Insightful sessions that combine oracle cards readings, intuitive channeling, healing, and your personal numerology chart to specifically address any problem or situation you are dealing with and answer any specific questions you may have. Provides answers, solutions and strategies on wellness, career, business, soul mates, relationships, finances, abundance, prosperity, and spirituality. 

Transitions Counseling

Transitions in life are about changes and navigating through the process of letting go of what's no longer useful, redefine yourself and the life you want and opening up to new beginnings, as you let your life unfold exponentially. 

More than anything and whether you're aware or not, it is a spiritual process of finding the essence of who you are and creating your new life dance of inner peace, harmony and pure bliss. 

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