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"Life is a spiritual practice...The world needs our gifts, our talents, our voices now more than ever before.

We must take our spirituality...and live it fully, fiercely, compassionately, boldly in the world." 

~ Kute Blackson

I specialize in structuring, set-up and organizing of all internal functions of accounting and finance programs. As a former Arthur Andersen auditor with over 24 years of combined Controller & Consulting experience, I apply my expertise to every job that I do.

I have built my practice by effectively shaping accounting operations, workflow and internal control systems, together with the creation and implementation of policies and procedures that meet the Companies’ reporting needs and compliance requirements.

My strongest areas of expertise are streamlining and organizing of accounting processes and work flow systems as well as change management. I can contribute to your company’s growth based on my ability to quickly and accurately assess situations, identify problems and key in on strategies that achieve outstanding results. Once the system is in place I also provide the staff training and coaching necessary to make the new changes work smoothly.

You will have an audit-proof accounting system, lean operations, sound internal controls, 100% compliance and tax-ready financials. 

My Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Business IS Personal!

Lillie Cintron, MBA August 2015

Let's face it, yes, business IS personal! If you're an entrepreneur you wear many hats, which constantly overlap each other. On top of that, there's a thin line between your business and personal time so your business issues affect your personal life and vice versa. This situation becomes overwhelming, taking the joy out of living the dream of owning your own business.

If you focus your attention on making the money, the admin and accounting goes to the back burner until an issue arises that finds you in the position of not knowing where you stand. So this is where I come in. To relieve you of the tasks that take too much of your time so you can better focus your attention, energy and efforts doing your income earning tasks.

You deserve a well organized and under control business. So let me take care of the accounting and admin tasks that are overwhelming and time consuming. Let me develop a customized workflow system that supports your business growth instead of getting in the way of it. No matter what stage your business is in, whether start-up, expanding or downsizing, I will design the structure that will make it soar.  

Call for a complimentary assessment phone session to get to know each other and how I can contribute to your business prosperity and make your peace of mind a reality.  

What your Clutter is telling to you...

©Lillie Cintrón, MBA March 15, 2012

Your home, office, business, even your car and other surroundings are all a reflection of who you are, how you feel and what’s going on in your life. As you are doing inside, so is the reflection of yourself seen on your outside circumstances, relationships and living environments. Your clutter shows a lot about you out to the world.

The same goes with your health, finances and well-being. If you are cluttered-up inside, feeling stagnant, lost, confused, unable to make decisions and take action, your own body, financial situation and life circumstances will reflect it as well.

Take a good look at your surroundings and your life. What do you see? What are you reflecting: order, stability and progress…or chaos, instability and stagnation? How distant or close is your current situation to the life you wish to have? Have you asked yourself what you really want in life?

These questions are not intended to be judgmental or to frustrate you. The purpose is to make you aware of your situation and help you ponder about the dreams you may have left behind and forgotten for lack of inner organization. The good news is that you can ignite your inner desire to move forward and create that orderly life your soul craves. You can take your clutter as a signal and begin to transform your life into the new reality you want for yourself.

If your life, your surroundings, your work and even your mind is cluttered, it is a wake-up call to create a new reality. It is in your power to change your life with the renewal of your mind and it is my mission and inner purpose to advise and support you through that journey.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or stay-at-home mom, my services will help you clear up your clutter from within so you can have the peace of mind to enjoy a prosperous life. I guarantee you that it will be an amazing and fun experience. Just give me a call and I will tell you how we can make it work. A life full of order and bliss awaits you…


"There is only one be able to spend your life

in your own way." ~Christopher Morley

Got Clutter? Take The Cluttered Life Test and see...

March 15, 2012

Don't worry, you won't get a grade on this. It will help you make an assessment of how clutter is affecting your life and holding you back. Take a look at each of these statements and ask yourself if they are true or not for you:

You don't have enough time to do all you need to do. No matter how hard you try, you're always behind on something.

Your multitasking isn't enough to keep you in control of your time and life.

You are facing a major transition such as job loss, career change, business start-up, divorce or relocation. You have too much going on.

Your life and/or business seems out of control making you feel confused, frustrated and lost.

You can't find your own stuff when you mostly need them like your keys, cell phone, even pen and paper or important documents.

It takes you two or three tries to get out of the house or you usually end up leaving something important behind.

You're wearing too many hats and mostly your day goes by putting off fires.

You keep moving your stuff from one place to the other to make up space to sit, eat or work.

Taking time-off can't be found in your vocabulary much less enjoying it without stress.

You keep putting off organizing because you don't know where to start or because it's overwhelming enough to keep you from doing it.

You probably think this is a normal way of life.

If you answered "yes" to either or all of the above statements, you will benefit from inner organizing services. Give me a call so we can discuss details of how I can help you. 727-365-3161

When your life is a mess...

January 15, 2019

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