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revamp /rēˈvamp/

The process to change, renovate or make-over areas of your life (career, relationships, finances, spirituality, etc.) in order to improve them and achieve your personal dreams and desires.


Life Revamping is a more structured process, where we work together on a series of 12-15 coaching sessions over a specific period of time, usually 3-6 months. 

Going through transitions is a process that should not be taken lightly. Anything that shakes up your world and where "life as you know it is over" has the ultimate purpose of leading you into a new and revamped life. However, nobody said it would be easy to deal with. Whether expected or not, life changes can be overwhelming and confusing. 

My services will help you deal with any type of life-altering transition or crises, such as divorce, new relationship, relocation, job loss, career change, marriage, new baby, break-up, opening a new business, retirement, feeling stuck, etc. Whatever your circumstances, there's always an answer and solution that fulfills a spiritual purpose. I will help you put it together and lead you into the path where your life becomes a happy dance...

​​Services are provided online or in person. All sessions are recorded. 

Hablo español.  Phone: 727-365-3161  

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