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Terms of Service Agreement

The undersigned person, hereby known as “the client” and Lillie Cintrón, MBA, hereby known as “the advisor”, have agreed to enter a professional services relationship of advisory consultations. By signing this document below, the client agrees to have read and to be under complete understanding and agreement of the following terms and statements:

  • The advisor will be providing services of the specific nature of strategic coaching and/or consulting using numerology and other spiritual guidance tools, all with the intent of providing the client with alternatives to implement changes that will improve his/her current life situation and to bring wellness.

  • Strategic consulting does not constitute therapy or legal advice. However, professional financial and business advice or recommendations may be provided given the extent of expertise that Lillie Cintrón, MBA has in the field of accounting and business consulting.

  • The advisor will identify the situation or problem and the root cause of it and provide the client with alternative ways to fix, improve, change and/or resolve it. The advisor will provide suggestions and opinions on the best course of action that will ensure the best chances of achieving the client’s desired outcomes.

  • The client will get advise in the form of alternatives, solutions, ideas, answers, and strategies that will serve either as confirmation of possibilities already known by the client and/or guidance as to the decisions and action steps that he/she may take to achieve the desired results and goals.

  • The recommendations will be based on the information provided by the client and as such the responsibility for achieving the expected results will solely rely on the client. The client clearly understands that making the decisions and taking the recommended actions are the sole responsibility of the client and any expected or suggested results will be solely achieved upon the client making such decisions and actions as indicated.  The client retains the right to use the guidance according to his/her own free will and discernment, as well as changing the course of action recommended. The client agrees to inform the advisor of such changes.

  • For such reasons described in the paragraph above, the advisor does not guarantee any specific future outcomes out of the guidance provided. However, her commitment is to pursue the client's best interest and benefits as the ultimate outcome.

  • The client understands that the advice is not intended for diagnosing health issues, such as illnesses, health conditions or pregnancy or for predicting future events nor is it to provide an opinion on a third person’s behavior.

  • Advisory services are not divinatory or future telling.

  • All sessions are confidential and recorded either by the client, the advisor or both. After the session, the advisor will send to the client the recording via email and will hold a copy in her files for an extended period of no longer than a year after the services have been completed. The advisor is not responsible for keeping the recording any longer after the completion of the series of services or within any earlier timeframe that she deems necessary.

  • The advisor will execute due diligence in safeguarding the confidentiality of the sessions and will not share the information discussed on either, or all, of the sessions. It is the client’s right to either share or discuss the information on the sessions at his/her discretion.

  • The client understands the type of risks, whether physical, mental, emotional, legal or spiritual that may arise out of taking risks and making changes. Lillie Cintrón, MBA shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from the client taking risks and actions based on the guidance provided from the advisory services.

  • Any changes to this agreement shall be made in writing.

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