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My passion is helping people align with their true calling and guide them through their life paths, challenges and transitions so they can better understand and improve their lives.

Using your unique numerology, my advisory services will help you:

- Understand & improve your relationships to get along better with your loved ones, colleagues, etc.

- Identify your talents and strengths to develop your business or redesign your career path.

- Organize & restructure your life in a systemized way that allows you more time to enjoy life.

- Decide on a baby's name or a personal name change.

- Improve your parenting skills to raise your children based on their numerology.

- Deal with a life-altering crisis, transitions or existential matter(s) by providing thorough understanding of the situation and devise a plan to navigate through it.

- Align you with your purpose in life, and the best direction to fulfill your life mission. 

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

About my Services 

March 15, 2020

If you are wondering about your life, what’s next and what you need to do to revamp it… I can help you tap into the wisdom that lies within yourself to reach your fullest potential. As a healer, I provide a mix of spiritual coaching, counseling and mentoring, using the ancient scientific wisdom of numerology, Akashic Records and intuitive Claire-cognizance channeling.

My services are proven to work when these two factors are present: You are willing to grow, and there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. That is all that is necessary for me to guide you to create a new life, where know your true self, follow the longings of your heart and reconnect with your soul’s essence and divine purpose. Living life from Spirit is what life is all about and my services will help you resolve problems, heal what is holding you back, design and implement a plan of action, or create whatever else is called for to ensure that you have what you need to get more out of life and what you want to accomplish. Following is a series of information that will give you an idea of what you can expect from working with me. If this resonates with you, then it is time to unleash your spirit so you can dance with life! Let’s get on it!

Lillie Cintrón, MBA

My mission is to advise people in a holistic way that integrates who they are with what they do and what they want to accomplish in life. 

"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." ~ Harvey Mackay

Want to make changes in your life, career or business?

Going through a life-altering transition and need reassurance on the next steps? Wondering what to do, where to start and how to do it?

We all have those moments when we wonder if this is all there is; when we know that changes are needed or coming our way...

From your current situation to where you want to be, I provide you the answers, ideas, solutions and strategies to move you forward with the action plan to make things happen. you will get a clear understanding of your situation, your strengths, challenges and opportunities plus the best course of action to get your ducks in a row and get things going. I will show you the bigger picture behind what you're going through and help you address the issues proactively so you can move on with ease. My proven method is based on my ability to quickly and accurately assess situations, identify problems and key in on strategies that achieve results.

My services will provide you the answers, ideas, solutions and strategies that will inspire you to move forward. You will have the clarity and understanding you need to make the necessary decisions to change your life and take action to achieve your goals.

I bring five unique features to all my business projects:

When the going gets tough...

No matter how well structured and organized you may be, things do get complicated some times. And as we undergo the transitions to revamp your life, career or business  you can also expect some issues to rise up. Depending on which circumstances you find yourself in, I will provide you the solutions and strategies to get things in order and under control. From dealing with staff shortage emergencies, cleaning-up accounting system issues or preparing for a career change, among others you will have the guidance and support that you'll need. 

Call for an assessment of your situation and how I can help. 

The Outcome

You will notice the changes and improvements from the beginning and as we continue, you will incrementally experience the results and benefits of a well-controlled business. Throughout the development of the project we will achieve the following:

Catching up and getting ahead on your business financial situation.
Improve your bottom line by effectively controlling costs.
Better handling of business problems.
Comfort in making key financial decisions.
Prioritizing of actions and projects.
More free time to enjoy your life with stability and peace of mind!


I will provide you the know how to help you understand your business financial condition, make better decisions to achieve your goals, make more money and organize what's necessary for maximum productivity, efficiency and simplicity.


I identify the "trouble" areas in the management of your operational and accounting systems and provide strategies and solutions to repair and improve those processes.


I will build a solid integrated accounting structure that will support your business growth and achieve your goals. With my support you will be more confident to take the necessary actions to get the job done, focusing on what is necessary and eliminating what is not.


I will help you simplify working processes to make your operations leaner & more efficient by reducing costs and increasing productivity.


We (you, your staff and me) become a team, focusing on your business goals while meeting your needs to accomplish more than you would alone.

Our Blog

Below is an article I wrote about the effects of clutter in your life. 

Then, there's a brief questionnaire to help you identify it.

What your Clutter is telling to you...

©Lillie Cintrón, MBA March 15, 2012

Your home, office, business, even your car and other surroundings are all a reflection of who you are, how you feel and what’s going on in your life. As you are doing inside, so is the reflection of yourself seen on your outside circumstances, relationships and living environments. Your clutter shows a lot about you out to the world.

The same goes with your health, finances and well-being. If you are cluttered-up inside, feeling stagnant, lost, confused, unable to make decisions and take action, your own body, financial situation and life circumstances will reflect it as well.

Take a good look at your surroundings and your life. What do you see? What are you reflecting: order, stability and progress…or chaos, instability and stagnation? How distant or close is your current situation to the life you wish to have? Have you asked yourself what you really want in life?

These questions are not intended to be judgmental or to frustrate you. The purpose is to make you aware of your situation and help you ponder about the dreams you may have left behind and forgotten for lack of organization. The good news is that you can ignite your inner desire to move forward and create that orderly life your soul craves. You can take your clutter as a signal and begin to transform your life into the new reality you want for yourself.

If your life, your surroundings, your work and even your mind is cluttered, it is a wake-up call to create a new reality. It is in your power to change your life with the renewal of your mind and it is my mission and purpose to advise and support you through that journey.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or stay-at-home mom, my services will help you clear up your clutter so you can have the peace of mind to enjoy a prosperous life. I guarantee you that it will be an amazing and fun experience. Just give me a call and I will tell you how we can make it work. A life full of order and bliss awaits you…

Got Clutter? Take The Cluttered Life Test and see...

March 15, 2012

Don't worry, you won't get a grade on this. It will help you make an assessment of how clutter is affecting your life and holding you back. Take a look at each of these statements and ask yourself if they are true or not for you:

  • You don't have enough time to do all you need to do. No matter how hard you try, you're always behind on something.
  • Your multitasking isn't enough to keep you in control of your time and life.
  • You are facing a major transition such as job loss, career change, business start-up, divorce or relocation. You have too much going on and don't know where to start.
  • Your life and/or business seems out of control making you feel confused, frustrated and lost.
  • You can't find your own stuff when you mostly need them, like your keys, cell phone, even pen and paper or important documents.
  • It takes you two or three tries to get out of the house or you usually end up leaving something important behind.
  • You're wearing too many hats and mostly your day goes by putting off fires.
  • You keep moving your stuff from one place to the other to make up space to sit, eat or work.
  • Taking time-off can't be found in your vocabulary much less enjoying it without stress.
  • You keep putting off organizing because you don't know where to start or because it's overwhelming enough to keep you from doing it.
  • You probably think this is a normal way of life.

If you answered "yes" to either or all of the above statements, you will benefit from my organizing services. Give me a call so we can discuss details of how I can help you. 727-365-3161

How it Works

I become part of your team as a consultant, not as part of your payroll. I work on a project basis to create a working structure that fits your needs while addressing the specific issues and tasks that take too much of your time and energy. 

Your specific business needs are taken care of because my services are customized to address these needs. 

I setup the programs, workflow and procedures needed while you take care of your business operations. 

I develop an accounting system that works for your business rather than fitting your business into an "accounting-in-a-box" system. 

I assist you in the overall accounting management of your company not just bookkeeping.

I provide the extra hands and know-how needed when new work or issues arise, staff shortages, handling emergencies or while transitioning accounting systems, etc. 

Re-engineering is the process of changing and improving the design and structure of existing business processes, accounting systems, marketing strategies, operations and products in order to make them more effective, efficient and responsive. 

I specialize in structuring, set-up and organizing of all internal functions of accounting and finance programs. 

I have built my practice by effectively shaping accounting operations, workflow and internal control systems, together with the creation and implementation of policies and procedures that meet the Companies’ reporting needs and compliance requirements.

My strongest areas of expertise are streamlining and organizing of accounting processes and work flow systems as well as change management. Once the system is in place I also provide the staff training and coaching necessary to make the new changes work smoothly.


My revamping method provides you the winning formula that will propel your dreams to fruition with fewer delays and less effort. Based on my ability to quickly and accurately assess situations, identify problems and key in on strategies that achieve results, my services will show you the bigger picture behind what you’re going through and provide you practical solutions that will resolve the matters at hand. You will have the clarity and understanding needed to make the right decisions and take the steps to move forward and achieve your goals. From your current situation to where you want to be, you will know how to undergo your changes to live with passion, balance, prosperity and inner peace.

 I provide a custom-designed mix to meet your specific needs. Below is a short description of my services. Please check the information and contact me for for a brief complimentary assessment of your situation and to give you specific information on how I can help you.


My mission is to support people through their business and life transitions in a holistic way that integrates who they are with what they do and what they want to accomplish. 

"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." ~ Harvey Mackay

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